Last year, I purchased 6 ceiling fans from Yash for my home. I really feel delighted that I chose Yash because the fans that I picked are not only great in looks, but are energy efficient too. I highly recommended this brand!

Sujoy Ghosh

I own a departmental store and I installed 2 wall fans and 3 ceiling of Yash. It’s been 2 and a half year since I bought these for my work place and I have been more than satisfied. These are energy efficient and did not require any kind of maintenance (till now).

Akash Gupta

Around 8 months back, we got shifted to our new home and I ensured that every fan that gets installed at our home must be of superior quality. My friend suggested to go for Yash Fans. Trusting her, I bought 5 ceiling fans, 2 wall fans and 3 exhaust fans from Yash, and I am more than happy with Yash Fans. Yes, it has been a delightful experience for me!

Sonam Gupta